Current non-green Systems
Thu Sep 21 01:36:45 2017

apt clientlog conn info libs raid trends xymonlaunch

  asdfasdfapt:clear:139d10h43m - conn:red:139d11h01m info:green: libs:clear:139d10h43m raid:clear:139d10h43m trends:green: -
  phd-monitorapt:green:16d18h55m clientlog:green: conn:green:370d19h13m info:green: libs:yellow:966d17h57m raid:purple:370d18h47m trends:green: xymonlaunch:purple:370d18h47m
  satis- - conn:red:225d11h50m info:green: - - trends:green: -
  sidapt:yellow:9d16h00m clientlog:green: conn:green:9d16h01m info:green: libs:yellow:76d03h35m raid:purple:9d15h43m trends:green: -

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Xymon 4.3.27